Excellent Reminder: The Hidden Benefits of the "Flyover" States

Nice LinkedIn post reminding us of the oft-forgotten benefits of "flyover" states like Ohio, and why it makes sense to call them home in every sense of the word: 

When I talked to people who live on the coasts about the rent for our office space, they gasp. I’m not joking, in two instances there was a literal jaw drop and audible gasp. Northeast Ohio has one of the lowest costs of living in the US, and that definitely translates to office space as well. We occupy a 5000 sq ft office in downtown Akron, a mix of industrial space and finished office space - which is walking distance to all the downtown restaurants, bars and events. A hiking / biking trail next to our office leads into a National Park 5 miles away. And our monthly rent is less than one third that of a 700 sq ft studio apartment in the Bay Area. We could literally afford 15 thousand square feet of office space for what one person in San Francisco pays to live in a tiny apartment.

Labor rates are lower here as well, but even so our assembly techs are able to make a salary that affords them better housing here than degreed engineers can afford in the Valley.
— Ken Burns - President, TinyCircuits

Read the whole article: Why our Tech Startup is Based in Akron, Ohio.  

Jeff Ruppert