FOCUSED ON Meeting Your Needs


RCo. offers a range of professional services -- all designed to help your organization reach its potential.

Whether you're looking for a quick advice or a long-term guiding hand, a small tweak or complete overhaul, Jeff Ruppert and the professionals associated with RCo. have you covered. 

RCo. provides services on 24-hour "campaign time" and offers them at competitive rates so you get precisely what you need when you need it.




CandidateS, PARTIES & PACS

Advocacy Organizations

Independent Expenditure (IE) Orgs

  • FEC and State of Ohio Compliance - Campaign Finance
  • Lobbying and Ethics Compliance 
  • Campaign Treasury Management & Oversight
  • Ohio Elections Commission Representation
  • Public Records Consulting
  • Policy Research & Analysis
  • General Counsel
  • Technology & Communication

Start-Ups & Small Business

"Portfolio" Entrepreneurs

  • Choice of Business Entity
  • Formation, Sales & Purchases
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Regulatory Strategy & Compliance
  • Public Policy Consulting
  • Planning & Growth
  • Financing & Crowdfunding
  • Employees & Contractors
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Leases & Real Estate
  • Trademarks & Intellectual Property

Non-Profits (501(c) & 501(a))

  • Choice of Entity
  • Non-Profit Status & Maintenance
  • Advocacy Do's and Don'ts
  • Risk Mitigation
  • General Business & Legal Counsel
  • Technology & Communication

General Legal Counsel

  • Litigation 
  • Mediation & Arbitration 
  • Property & Real Estate
  • Landlord & Tenant


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RCo. aims to to provide more for less, and has embraced alternatives to the traditional hourly billing model such as fixed fees and costs, subscription services, capped fees and/or "value billing" (or a mix of all three).  

If a traditional hourly-billing model does not work for you or your organization, you may want to consider RCo.'s flat-fee / affordable rate alternative to in-house counsel -

Whatever your situation and the challenges you face, RCo. will work with you to find the answers.

PAYMENTS THAT WORK FOR YOU - flexible billing solutions

Has it been a while since you wrote a paper check?  Yeah, we don't write many either.  In fact, we encourage our clients to pay for legal services by credit card or other digital options (click to access):

Embrace the future and join the digital / bitcoin economy with coinbase - start here

Secure Correspondence & Communication

Upon request or in appropriate circumstances (such as HIPAA, FERPA and GLB Act compliance, or an exchange of other sensitive materials), RCo. utilizes simple, but airtight, military-grade encryption to communicate and share documents with clients.  

Such safety doesn't require the client to memorize long passwords or download and run complicated software.  Instead, RCo. has made it easy to verify your identity with a couple clicks.  

Ease of mind with ease of use.  Some samples of the type of security practices we can implement include:

  • VPN masking;
  • password protected online client portal/vault;
  • encrypted file hosting & transfers; 
  • encrypted email; and
  • secure chat.

Why might you need to such protection like encryption?  Because, for example, as it has been said many times, transmitting unencrypted data over a network (especially wifi), is akin to sending confidential files by postcard, which can clearly be read along the way.  What does encryption do?  It is a computer program, or algorithm that “scrambles” files on a device to render them unreadable – unless the user presents a unique “key” which is another piece of software code.  RCo. make this process simple because we want to protect your confidence and your information. 


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More info.

Are you at the leading edge of the modern digital economy?  So is RCo.  RCo. offers

We are ready to draft your next smart contract, "notarize" you next transaction in the Bitcoin register, or guide you through your next multi-signature e-commerce payment.  Jeff Ruppert is also available to serve as an independent trust agent  to oversee such transactions. Click to learn more -