Headline: Russian Hackers Said to Seek Hush Money From Liberal Groups. Solution: 2FA

Hey Democratic, Progressive, Indivisible and other liberal organizations and committees!

Here's a recent Bloomberg Headline: "Russian Hackers Said to Seek Hush Money From Liberal Groups."  Here is the link to the story: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-03-06/russian-hackers-said-to-seek-hush-money-from-liberal-u-s-groups

Russian hacking and interference didn't end with the 2016 Election.

First step in protecting yourself and your team? Immediate increased security for you most critical digital content using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Sound difficult? It's not. Indeed, the TURN IT ON guide linked below shows you how to easily set 2FA up for your accounts - and also gives away free pizza.

RCo Launches INDIVISIBLE.legal to Assist Progressive Organizations


You can visit the site here: INDIVISIBLE.legal or INDIVISIBLElegal.com

You can also interact with the INDIVISIBLE.legal team through Facebook and Twitter.

INDIVISIBLE.legal's goal is to assist and guide independent Indivisible groups as they lawfully create, organize and deploy under-utilized, but existing tools and organizations to ENGAGE VOTERS, WIN ELECTIONS, AND INFLUENCE POLICY.

Today saw the posting of the first two sets of educational materials (in an intended regular series): 

  1. Presentation/slides that outline recent use of independent organizations (ex: 501(c)s and SuperPACs) as powerful tools for the development of policy and winning elections; and
  2.  Quick reference chart outlining some of the DO's and DONT's for 501(c)s and SuperPACs.

Indivisible and other progressive activists are encouraged to contact Jeff to schedule training and consultations as they work to TURN ADVOCACY TO ACTION!

As always, Jeff and RCo's goal is to serve the political, advocacy and startup communities and help them THRIVE in challenging environments.

So much more to come.

Initial Thoughts Post-Election

The below is a re-post from my personal webpage (jeffreyruppert.com) titled My Post-Election Founder / TJ Mantra (11/19/2016):

In times of great national insecurity I, like many, often turn to the Founders words for guidance.  I don't do this because the Founders were always right.  And I certainly know that they could not foresee most of the evolution of our nation and its modern benefits and challenges. I look to the Founders because they thought, read and wrote both broadly and deeply.  They used that knowledge to not only found a nation suitable for their present, but also one that could evolve and endure.  They designed our new nation with an unsentimental eye towards to the foibles and limits of man; the resulting Republic has survived assault foreign and domestic.

Post-Election 2016, I have again spent some additional time with history, and came across this Jefferson quote.  It has become a source of both comfort and resolve:

While the quote itself comes from one of the most controversial of Jefferson writings (the 1798 Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions), its sentiment is nevertheless sound.  In the US, when facing challenging times or threats, we do not turn solely to hope or prayer, or even to powerful individuals, to save the day.  Instead, we rely upon those processes and institutions - especially our own Constitution - as forged by the Founders and honed through 240+ years of experience to continue our Republic's sometimes erratic, but unrelenting, march toward greater and shared prosperity, equality, and justice.

Hold our leaders to their oaths to defend that Constitution, and this too shall pass.


TBDLaw Attendance Confirmed!

Excited to have been selected by the Lawyerist and Filament to participate in the inaugural TBDLaw Conference.  Confirmed my spot today. Joined the #Slack channel.  So it's official.

What is TBDLaw?

Here's how it is described at TBDLaw.co:

Not an Ordinary Conference

Far more than an Un-Conference, TBD Law is a unique mix of summit, retreat, design-thinking workshop and hackathon. Designed by LexThink founder Matt Homann, TBD Law is about collaboration, connection and creativity, not CLE.

Invitation Only

TBD Law is for a curated group of lawyers who've moved their practices past their peers'. If you've made the list, you're already ahead of the curve. TBD Law will help you stay there. If you think you're one of them, fill out the form below and we'll talk. .

By Innovators, For Innovators

Nobody wins in the race to be first to be second. At TBD Law, you'll build your future with lawyers who will push you out of your comfort zone instead of pushing you back towards the status quo. 

I'm ready to immerse myself in a room with folks who are smarter than me; more talented; and see the future.

Maybe some of it will rub off...

Stay tuned.