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Contract and asset management tools built on top of a cryptoledger such as Bitcoin, Ripple or Ether hold great promise for reducing fees and redundancies for individuals and institutions.

These emerging tools can be applied to both existing and developing segments of the economy and markets.  All promise lower costs and efficiencies through automation, decentralization, verification and trust.

What type of services of can be offered?

Smart Contracts

  • Digital contracts that facilitate, verify, execute and enforce the terms of an agreement (automatically or monitored).

Multi-Signature Trust E-Commerce Payments / Transactions

  • Sample transaction: a neutral arbiter  (trust agent) is nominated by the parties to a contract. The buyer then makes the payment to a 2-of-3 multi-signature address, which is locked until two of the parties agree to release it.  If agreement is not reached, the trust agent has voting power that allows her/him to tip the outcome in favor of either the buyer or the seller.  The trust agent is not empowered or able to take funds themselves or to use them in any other way without the permission of either the buyer or the seller; this means that trust agents act as arbiters for the transactions, but do not operate an escrow account.

Smart Property 

  • Property whose ownership is controlled via smart contracts (may or may not reside on the cryptoledger).

Consensus Platform / Agent

  • Digital agent programmed to perform a specific task upon the fulfillment of certain digitally verifiable conditions (ex: release of funds upon the receipt of a certain threshold of digital signatures or % of shareholders).  Can be used to fulfill many functions of an organization, corporation or agent, such as operations, issuance of dividends or securities, etc.

Digital Notary / Stamp

  • Documents and timestamps can be stored and verified on the cryptoledger without concerns over data corruption or tampering. 

Jeff Ruppert and RCo. are ready to  draft your  next "smart contract"  or guide you through you a cryptoledger transaction. 

Jeff is also available to serve as an independent trust agent  to oversee transactions, resolve disputes and reverse payments in cases of fraud. 

Jeff and RCo. provide these services independently and through Bitrated.com: https://www.bitrated.com/TheRuppertCo.

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